Hello, and welcome to your first DnD “Test campaign”

This campaign is designed for all you new players out there.

The main goal is for you to get used to how to play DnD.
This campaign page will also have links to tools that will allow you to play the game without a dice and similar physical tools, although this is highly recommended.

The campaign will follow a basic scenario, with little room for deviation from the main course, and little to no focus on the world surrounding the story. It is only a tool made to understand the rules and how to play.

There is also a big surprise at the end. And i suggest you not use your main character for this adventure. A good idea might be to make a simple red shirt character just for this campaign.

There will be 5 steps to this “Test Run”
Step 1: Creating a Character

Step 2: Learning the basic rules

Step 3:Play the Campaign (Roleplaying) The Tavern

Step 4:Play the Campaign(Exploration) The Cave

Step 5:Play the Campaign(Combat) The Dungeon

The Campaign is split into 3 main parts, the first being a simple encounter in a tavern, that leads to a quest in a cave, and ends with the discovery of a dungeon, where combat will be taught. All the basics of the game will be explained here, and at the end of combat the leveling system will be explained.

More to come on part 1 later.

The Test Run