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5 good to know rules for PC..
Don’t hog the spotlight..
Don’t disrespect others chars, or the DM
Don’t be a poor looser
Don’t disrespect the supporting class (npcs)
Don’t argue with the DM…

Kind of self explanatory.. but it has to be said..
If you are a destructive player, getting all the focus on you, embarrassing the other players, the npcs, or the dm.. you hate loosing rolls and such.. then this is not a game for you, and it will end with a bad time for everyone.

What kind of player are you?
In the DMG there is a list of different types of players.
Which type are you?
The actor? : Likes to RP, really immerses himself/herself in the PC.
The explorer? : Tries to find new things in the game, always moves on.
The instigator? : Enjoy making things happen, find the planning part booring, high risk.
The power gamer? : Wants to maximize his stats and become the best player there ever was.
The storyteller? : Loves the story, likes the surronding story more than the characters.
The slayer? : Likes combat and murdering things, easy to please…
The thinker? : Loves puzzles, and likes to plan encounters beforehand, okay to win without fight.
The watcher? : Casual player, usually wants to be part of the group, not to attatched..

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